Best WordPress Plugin to Track Traffic Stats

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In my opinion, the best WordPress plugin to track traffic stats that does not require a signup is WP SlimStat.

Many people use Google Analytics to track their WordPress traffic stats and that is excellent.  But in order to use Google Analytics, you have to sign up with Google.  However, if you are building a WordPress site for a client who do not use Analytics, you would want a WordPress plugin that show traffic stats in the WordPress Dashboard instead of having to log into Google Analytics. Stats” is one such plugin that is created by Automattic, the makers of WordPress themselves.   You can install it on self-hosted WordPress sites. However, it requires you to sign up to and get an API key.   Although free, it sometimes can be difficult to get clients to do that.

So that best WordPress dashboard plugin that I found that monitor stats (and in real-time too) is WP SlimStat.  It has good traffic chart and world traffic map and many of the usual analytic stats similar to Google Analytics.

Alternatively, you can try Track That Stat which is similar to WP SlimStat.