JCE Joomla Content Editor

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If you don’t like the default TinyMCE editor that comes with Joomla, try JCE. It allows user to upload photos from their desktops, which is not possible with TinyMCE. JCE also allows you to style the <img> tag and easily create linkable and hover over images.

To install JCE, first install the Admin component, and then the Mambot. Now you got a JCE admin panel at Components -> JCE Admin where you can configure your JCE editor. There is a JCE Plugin submenu that you can use to install other JCE plugins. The JCE Media Manager might be something that you might want to install. To switch to using the JCE editor by default go to Site -> Global Configuration and change the default WYSIWYG editor. For existing users, you may have to assign the default editor for them.

Here is a visual tutorial on the installation and use of JCE. The component and support can be found at JoomlaContentEditor.net