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Below are various notes and resources in regards to Joomla content management system.   Some of the information may be outdated since Joomla comes out with new versions of its software all the time.  But nevertheless, when you are looking for tips and information that might help solve your Joomla problems, they may help.

1. Administrator Password: The administrator password is stored as MD5 hash in the jos_users table. Hence it can not be retrieved. But you can reset it by manipulating the database.  (If you forgot your admin password and need it to be reset, you have to hire a developer and provide him/her database access or ask me).

2. Missing User Menu : There is a slight bug that occurs when the following scenario happens.

a. User logs in.
b. User deletes cookies, and closes browser without logging out.
c. User opens browser and tries to log in.
d. The back-end system shows the user as being logged in, but user does not see user menu and thinks he/she is not logged in.

The work-around fix is for the administrator to log the user out using through the User Manager. The user then must delete cookies on his/her browser and close browser. The next time the tries to log in, it will work as expected. Sometimes even this doesn’t work. Then you have to delete all records in the jos_sessions table (don’t do this if you have real user logged in of course). And the problem disappears.

3. Sessions: I noticed that the number of logged-ins shown in the upper-right of the User Manager is too high. This is the session data problem in item #2.

4. SEO friendly URLs

SEO friendly URLs can be set by Site -> Global Configuration -> SEO. You also need to change the htaccess.txt to .htaccess.

5. Backup

You need to backup the database and the PHP files. The database backup can be done by using your webhost tools such as phpMyAdmin or use any number of Joomla extension.

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