Learning Flash

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Flash is used to provide sophisticated animation and graphical movement to a website. It can also be used to play video and music. With the use of Actionscript programming in Flash, rich interactive user-interfaces can be created.  Actionscript is often referred to as AS2 or AS3 — where “2” is Actionscript 2 and “3” is the latest version of Actionscript 3.

Like Javascript, Flash content is executed on the user’s client machines as opposed to on the server. Flash content is executed by the Flash Player which is a component installed into the user’s browser.  Note that the iPhone does not support the Flash Player, so anything that you create using Flash can not be seen on the iPhone. Many of the simpler things that are done in Flash can be done with JQuery as well.  So you may want to decide whether you want to go with JQuery or Flash.   In our opinion, JQuery is preferred for things that can be done as well as when done in Flash.

A strong point with Flash is its superb animation capabilities. Animation can be implemented via frame-by-frame animation, or by tweening on the timeline, or by using Actionscript’s Tween’s class.

Actionscript is a full-featured programming language with programming constructs such as objects, branches, and loops.

There are many web templates that are built partly with Flash.  So if you want to modify or customize such templates, you will need to know a bit of Flash.

There are many web forums that discusses Flash and Actionscript topics.  Here are some of them …