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Learning PHP and Server Side Development

Besides client-side technologies that you have seen, there are server-side technologies that is used to provide the functionality and features required of certain types of websites, especially those sites that require the use of a database and login access.

We are now getting into the realm of software development and computer science concepts.


PHP is one of the more popular server-side programming languages and is one that is good to start with. It is free open-source software and is available on many Linux-based web hosts. Unlike client-side script languages, PHP is processed and executed by the web server. The result of this execution is HTML and CSS code that is passed to the browser for rendering.

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PHP is often run on the Apache. Apache is a type of web server that is commonly found on many Linux-based shared webhost. It is always useful to understand a few things about how the web server works and some ways it can be configured.

MySQL database

Often server-side applications must store data in a database. MySQL database is a popular open-source database that is found on many shared webhosts. PHP goes well together with MySQL database.

phpMyAdmin is a great tool for interactiving with a MySQL database. It is open-source software and is available on many webhost. If not, you can also install it on the webserver yourself. It can be used as a learning tool as well.