Quick FTP connect with FileZilla

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FTP stands for “File Transfer Protocol”. In order to transfer files to a server, you to need use a software known as a “FTP client”. FileZilla is one such software for Windows and is free. (Mac users can use CyberDuck)

In this tutorial, we will show you how to use FileZilla’s “Quick Connect” feature to transfer files to a web server.

Although this method is the simplest way to connect, it is not the best because it transmits passwords and data over the internet route via “clear text”. Once you have learned the basics of FTP, ideally you will want to use SFTP which is a secured transmission of data as described in our other tutorial.

FileZilla Quick Connect FTP

Step 1: First download and install FileZilla from FileZilla-Project.org. Click on the “Download FileZilla Client” button. It is free.

Step 2: In order to connect to the webserver, you need three pieces of information provided by your webserver administrator: 1) the host name, 2) the username, and 3) the password.

In this example tutorial, we use these three fake pieces of information…

server: example.com
username: someone@example.com
password: 123456

Note that depending on the webhost, the username can in the form of an email address (but it is not a real email address) as in the above or it can be a single word as in “someone“.

Step 3: After you run FileZilla, enter the server, username, password and click the “Quick Connect” button as shown.

Quick FTP connect with Filezilla

Quick FTP connect with Filezilla

Step 4: The pane on the left shows your local disk. The pane on the right shows your webserver. In the left pane, navigate to the files you want to upload. Using the left pane and then drag those files from the left pane to the right pane.

Step 5: When done, disconnect the connection to the server by clicking the disconnect icon.

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