Reset Photoshop Preferences

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Photoshop is so highly customizable. You can drag out panels and even icons within panels as well as make dozens various presets. This is often good. Unless once in a while you did something and didn’t know how to get it back. Or if you are trying to follow a tutorial either in a book or online and your screen does not looks like the screen shots because your configurations had been customized.

For Photoshop CS3, there is a way to reset all your customization back to the Photoshop default factory setting. Your preferences and customizations are stored in a Photoshop CS3 preference files. If you hold down the three modifier keys Ctrl-Alt-Shift in Windows (Command-Option-Shift in the Mac) while starting up Photoshop, then Photoshop will give you the following prompt asking …

“Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings File?”

Click “Yes” and Photoshop will delete your preference file. This bring all settings back to factory default settings.

Make sure the three keys are already depress when Photoshop starts. And hold the keys down long enough during the startup process until you see the prompt.

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