Running Flash Content from Desktop using Flash StandAlone Player

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How do you run Flash content from your desktop without using a browser?

Given Flash content in the form of an SWF file, this tutorial will show you how to run the Flash content from you desktop using the Flash Stand-Alone player. Linked here I have Flash content that is 150px by 150px.

Typically Flash content compiled into an SWF file is meant to be hosted on the webserver and displayed and played using a browser. However, there may be times when you have been given a SWF file that you want to play on your desktop without using your browser. This is useful in presentations and demos when you want to display the content full-screen without the browser frame.

To run the Flash SWF from your desktop you will need to install the Flash standalone player. If you have Macromedia Flash for producing Flash content, they you will most likely already have the Standalone Flash player installed.

If not, you can download the Flash standalone player from Adobe linked here. They are also known as Projectors or Content Debugger.   At the time of this writing, Flash 10 is the latest version and the link that you want to download from is “Download the Windows Flash Player 10.3 Projector content debugger (EXE, 6.50MB)”.

Once you have that downloaded. Run it and select its menu File -> Open and point to the SWF flash content. Or just double-click on the SWF file on your computer.

Note that the content runs at its native size of SWF file (in our example is 150px by 150px).

Running Flash

Running Flash

What if I want to show this Flash presentation at a larger size?

You can simply resize the Flash player, the Flash content will automatically resize while maintaining the same aspect ratio. Because Flash uses vectors as opposed to bitmaps, there should not be much quality degradation.

Running flash larger

Running flash larger

But what if I want it to fill my entire screen and not have the player frame?

Use the menu on the Flash Player and select View -> Full Screen.

running flash fullscreen

running flash fullscreen

The Flash content should now fill the entire screen. The aspect ratio of the content is maintained.  Press the Esc key to restore to normal.


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