Tutorials for Creating WordPress Plugins

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WordPress functionality can be customized through the use of WordPress Plugins. If you have a functionality that you want in your wordpress site that can not be found in an existing plugin, you can write your own plugins with a bit of PHP knowledge.

Here are some tutorials to get you started on creating your own WordPress plugins.

  • WordPress Codex on Writing Plugin: Best place to start off with is the WordPress Codex documentation as to how WordPress plugin works and how to create one.
  • Video for First WordPress Plugin: Mark Jaquith shows us in this video as to how to make a bare minimal wordpress plugin. The plug-in uses the “add_filter” hooks to “the_content” and “the_title” to replace words of “foo” with “bar”.
  • WordPress Plugin from Scratch — This tutorial not only shows you how to create a Plugin from the beginning, it also shows more sophisticated use of accessing the database. As of this writing, there appears to be a typo in the code. The call to “get_results” should be “$results=$wpdb->get_results”.
  • Adding Administration Menus: When your plugin gets more complicated, you may have the need to add administrator menus.