What is your site worth?

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December 1st, 2012
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Many people who own a website are interested in knowing what their site is worth.   If you Google “what is your site worth” or something similar, you will come across a whole bunch of web sites that claim to be able to calculate you site worth by entering your site’s web address.

Well, these “site-worth calculators” are not very accurate.  To see just how accurate or off they are, put in the site “google.com” and see how much they say it is worth.   Last check, I typed in google.com on www.urlappraisal.net and it gave me $3,252.  Are you kidding?   Google.com worth a few thousand $$$’s.   Give me a break.   Anyone knows google.com just the domain name is worth much more than that.

I tried it on www.yourwebsitevalue.com and it gave me a more realistic answer of $1.6 billion.

Two calculators gave two extreme answer.

For those in the business of buying and selling sites, they typically will calculate a site worth as a multiple of its monthly revenue.  What that multiple is would be subject to debate.  I’ll let you google on that.

If you are really interested in selling a site.  Another way to determine worth is to actually put it up for sale and see what kinds of bids you are getting.  One place is flippa.com or one of the other nice places listed on article 10 places to sell your website.

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